Film Festival, on the red carpet night the world parades

And the long awaited moment arrived. That of the movie The Irishman, by Martin Scorsese. The master, a dark blue suit on a matching tie, reaches the red carpet for the Film Festival with his wife Helen Morris, in long black velvet, and the daughters Francesca and Catherine. With them Emma Tillinger Koskoff, producer. A solemn appointment sealed by the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, who appeared directly in Sala Sinopoli together with his daughter Laura and son-in-law Cosimo Comella. Meanwhile, a glam catwalk for American ambassador Lewis Eisenberg, who greets photographers, with his wife Judith.

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The world of celluloid lines Madalina Ghenea, in long black nineteenth-century style with precious inlays, dark marabou bodice and pink crinoline. The Oscar Prize Francesca Lo Schiavo enters, in total black. Pink sequins with train and comb in the thirties, on a silver clutch like sandals, for Matilde Brandi. Alessia Fabiani, on the arm of her friend Carlo Tessier, wears a sexy silver lurex jumpsuit with a circle of golden beads. Choose Miriam Galanti green lace. Gray lace, instead, for Carmen Di Pietro and total silver for Elena Bonelli. The musical artist Hong Hu Ada, in red with a jewel button. And in the end overlook Teo Mammucari, Christian Marazziti and then Roberta Garzia, in a short powder color with delicious beads. Dark in the hall for an epic saga on organized crime in post-war America: the story is told through the eyes of Frank Sheeran, World War II veteran, cheater and assassin who worked alongside some of the most important figures of the 20th century century.
And while the film marathon continues, in the city Bill Murray goes to dinner with director Wes Anderson, who gave him the lifetime achievement award just a few hours ago. But Fanny Ardant also toasts a stone's throw from Maxxi, in the course of its Roman presence, eating bubbles and savoring caponata and tonnarelli with Roman zucchini along with Gigliola and Silvia Scola. But just half an hour, only to disappear into the mystery of the Capitoline night. And today John Travolta arrives.

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