Final day of TuttoSposi: on stage, a parade of movie and TV stars – NapoliTime

With Jo Sorrentino elected TuttoSposi, the model at 12.30 on the white carpet wrapped in Vanitas clothes, in the afternoon the fashion shows by Gianni Molaro and Passaro Sposa

vip-TuttosposiNaples, 30 October – Final day at the TuttoSposi salon. On stage, a parade of movie stars and TV with the beautiful Madalina Ghenea, testimonial of the Vanitas fashion house, the dark Giulio Berruti, the explosive Cristina Donadio and the charming Benedetta Valanzano. On the catwalk Vanitas will parade at 12.30, while at 19 it will be Gianni Molaro’s turn and will conclude the Passaro Spose fashion shows (9.00 pm).

The edition of VIP attendance records with over 30 guests in nine days, could only end in the best way. Pascal Vicedomini, in the company of the supermodel Stella Manente, will present on stage, on the occasion of the fashion show of the Vanitas atelier, the beautiful actress Madalina Ghenea who this year was the protagonist with Carlo Conti, Gabriel Garko and Virginia Raffaele on the stage of the festival of Sanremo.

The evening will end instead with the arrival at TuttoSposi of protagonist of the transmission of the Mediaset networks “Anti-Mafia Squad – Palermo today”, Giulio Berruti. A happy return for the actor to TuttoSposi as testimonial, the dark vice-questor of the television series will be rewarded on stage at the end of the fashion show by the stylist Gianni Molaro.

The beautiful competitor of “Dancing with the Stars 6”, Benedetta Valanzanowill instead be a guest on the stage of TuttoSposi on the occasion of the final parade of Passaro Sposa. The beautiful actress starring in “Elisa di Rivombrosa 2”, currently in the theater with Enrico Montesano in the comedy “The Marquis of Grillo”, in the role of Olimpià, will receive the award made by the artist Lello Esposito.

The intriguing, effervescent and talented actress of TV and theater Cristina Donadio will instead be a guest at 8 pm by Pascal Vicedomini on the TuttoSposi white carpet. “Scianel” of Gomorrah will receive recognition for the cult TV series.

Finally on the closing day of the event, as protagonist, it will arrive Jo Sorrentino, the newly elected Miss Tutto Sposi 2016. The beautiful model of American origins, but one hundred percent Neapolitan, will parade for Vanitas and then will be alongside Giulio Berruti and President Martina Ferrara in the lap of honor between the pavilions of the event. The Miss, eighteen years old and newly graduated in accounting, just received the sash said: “I was already happy to participate because this stage can offer important future scenarios, I dedicate the victory to my father who is no longer with us, but I am I will always inspire my mother, a true life model for me. “

Jo Sorrentino, before 4 children, all with the sacred fire of art among those who dance, who sings and who plays classical music, lives in Giugliano and dreams, while enrolling in university, to continue his life in the world of fashion.