Formula 1, Great Britain Grand Prix 2019 direct TV Sky

The TV programming of the Formula 1 race scheduled for today at Silverstone

Back to the Formula 1 with the British Grand Prix, tenth round of the 2019 World Cup Sky Sports F1 to broadcast the sporting event live from Silverstone. In addition to channel 207, today, Sunday, July 14 at 3.10 pm the race will also be live on Sky Sport Arena and visible on digital terrestrial on Sky Sport 486. Below complete programming:

F1: Gp Great Britain 2019 direct Sky


9.40 am: F3 – Race 2

10.55 am: F2 – Sprint Race

12.10 am: Porsche Super Cup – Race

13.30: Paddock Live

3.10 pm: F1 – Race

5.10 pm: Paddock Live

5.30pm: Paddock Live #SkyMotori

18.00: F1 – Race Summary

7pm: Race Anatomy F1

Formula 1 on Sky is commented by Carlo Vanzini and Marc Gené. All pre and post race appointments are led by Federica Masolin, together with Jacques Villeneuve, Davide Valsecchi and technical analysis by Matteo Bobbi. Mara Sangiorgio is the correspondent in the pits for interviews with the protagonists. Fabio Tavelli conducts Race Anatomy, the in-depth summary of Sunday's themes.