Future Generation: the Grace Festival

An entire day of talks and debates dedicated to the encounter between different generations and a gala the previous night with many protagonists of the world of fashion, the web and entertainment: in a story in pictures we show you the first Cross Generational Festival, the Grazia event in collaboration with Lancia Ypsilon and Clinique, and with Radio Monte Carlo official radio

The social networks explained by 20-year-olds, the anti-cyberbullying strategies of influencers, sustainable life advice, the relationship between mother and daughter, beauty and elegance today: there was talk of this and much more during the talks of the first Cross Generational Festival by Grazia.

To the appointment of the October 25th, in the precious Milanese setting of Serbelloni Palace, took part in music, film and fashion personalities, together with the director of Grazia Silvia Grilli they discussed issues such as the environment, social media, the future, cyberbullying, well-being, sisterhood and meritocracy.

Cross Generational Festival by Grace talks and protagonists

«I like to call Grace a crossroads, where you stop, look to the right, to the left, to the front and also to the back, discovering unexplored perspectives. A cross between cultures, ages, opinions, passions, a magazine that looks at the world, avoiding the single thought »said Silvia Grilli (pictured below).

Cross Generational Festival of Grace Palazzo Serbelloni Milan 33

Among those present, the actresses Martina Colombari, Serena Rossi, Madalina Ghenea, Miriam Candurro is Rocío Muñoz Morales, the basketball player and model Valentina Vignale, lto presenter Aurora Ramazzotti, the presenter and writer Benedetta Parodi, the digital entrepreneur Francesco Facchinetti, the singer and judge of X Factor Malika Ayane.

The rapper also spoke to the talkers Shade, the conductors Filippa Lagerbäck is Melissa Satta, the model Marica Pellegrinelli, the chef Andrea Berton, the journalist Cristina Parodi, Johanna Maggy pilates and health & life coach teacher, the singers Nina Zilli is Arisa, the stars of the web Elisa Maino, Rosalba is Ludovica Valli.

In the gallery the shots of some moments of the day and its protagonists.

Cross Generational Festival by Grazia, created in partnership with Lancia Ypsilon is Clinique, Radio Monte Carlo the official radio, attracted many readers throughout the day.

As many have been the protagonists of the fashion, web and entertainment world present at gala evening that kicked off the Festival.

In a story in pictures, here are the protagonists, the moments, the atmospheres of the long party night that has opened Cross Generational Festival by Grazia.

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