Gerard Butler: 10 things you don't know about the actor
gerard butler

Gerard Butler he is one of Hollywood's most sought-after actors. The Scottish actor has become one of the greatest interpreters of action films, managing to win over the public with his acrobatics, his talent and his interpretations.

Fascinating, skilled, great lover and devoted to many charitable causes, the actor had to work hard to build his solid career and to succeed in achieving today's success and esteem.

Here, then, ten things to know about Gerard Butler.

Gerard Butler film

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1. Gerard Butler: films and career. Gerard Butler's career began, after some theatrical experience, in 1997 with the films My Queen and Tomorrow Never Dies. Later, he worked on One More Kiss (1999), Dracula's Legacy – The Charm of Evil (2000), Shooters (2002), The Kingdom of Fire (2002) and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life (2003 ). The Scottish actor continued to work in films such as The Phantom of the Opera (2004), 300 (2006), P.S. I Love You (2007), RocknRolla (2008), The hunter of ex (2010), Coriolanus (2011), What I know about love (2012) e Comic Movie (2013), while his latest films include Attack in power – Olympus Has Fallen (2013), Gods of Egypt (2016), When a father (2016), Geostorm (2017) e Hunter Killer – Hunting in the abyss (2018). Butler also starred in the series The Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star (1998), An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (1999), Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married (1999-2000) e The Jury (2002).

2. Not only an actor, but also a voice actor and producer. Throughout his career, Gerald Butler has worked in various fields of cinema, other than the world of acting. In fact, the actor dressed as the voice actor for Dragon Trainer (2010), Dragon Trainer 2 (2014) e Dragon Trainer – The hidden world (2019), while as a producer he worked on films Private justice (2010), Power attack is Attack on power 2 (2016), In the wolves' den (2018), Hunter Killer is Angel Has Fallen (2019).

Gerard Butler wife

3. Gerard Butler is not married, but is engaged. The Scottish actor never married and his love life was rather turbulent. However, lately a few years ago, more precisely since 2014, he has been attending interior design Morgan Brown, even if they broke up and resumed several times. The two, in fact, had left in August 2018, only to recover in October of the same year and leave after a few weeks. It seems, however, that they started dating in 2019.

4. He had several famous girlfriends. During his love life, Gerard Butler attended several women from the show business world. Among official reports and alleged flirtations, the names of stand out Cameron Diaz, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Aniston, Rita Ora, Madalina Ghenea is Lindsay Lohan.

Gerard Butler 300

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5. The film required hard training. To be able to best interpret King Leonidas and give him more realism, Gerard Butler had to train hard. The actor, in fact, trained for four hours every day, for about four months, in order to be able to give life to his character.

6. He was hurt during the making of the film. A film like 300 it requires a lot of work, great physical effort and a constant commitment. And this is what Gerard Butler did in the interpretation of King Leonidas, going so far as to hurt one foot and one arm tendon during the making of the film.

Gerard Butler and Barbara D’Urso

7. It appears that Butler and D’Urso were briefly dating in the summer of 2017. During this time, there was a news, or alleged one, that had had a large margin on all the gossip magazines and that is that the Scottish actor was attending Barbara D’Urso. It seems that the two met by chance on a yacht in Capri, and that, afterwards, they saw each other again.

Gerard Butler Instagram

8. He showed his burned house. Last November, like so many other people, Gerard Butler saw it really bad. On his official account Instagram, the actor decided to show in a couple of videos what was left of his home and the damage of the devastating fire that burned California in those days. The actor, with a tired face and a mask around his neck, admitted that he felt tormented by seeing a scene like that.

9. He presented his new dog on the social network. The actor decided to use his official Instagram profile to present to the world his new pet, a stray dog, found by chance in Bulgaria while he was shooting the film Hunter Killer.

Gerard Butler: age, height and physique

10. Gerard Butler was born on 13 November 1969 in Paisley, Scotland, and its overall height is 188 centimeters.

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