Gerard Butler sends me to work!
Madalina Ghenea, Gerard Butler sends me to work

The beautiful model and Romanian-born actress Madalina Ghenea was a guest at Verissimo and the presenter told herself in a long and rich interview. From her experience of 14 year old supermodel to the activity of actress to which she is dedicating herself with great success up to the much-talked love story with the star Gerard Butler. No questions about the recent gossip she starred in with Marco Borriello in the discotheque’s privé, but a real river-interview about her desire to make films and how she deals with the difficulties related to the world of entertainment.

Ghenea is a very shy and reserved diva – He begins by telling that a woman with a suitcase still feels and that there are several places where she feels at home: in Milan as in Thailand, Madalina manages to feel safe wherever she is. She is a very reserved and shy woman and confesses that this confidentiality is the result of her experience so early, at the age of fourteen, in the world of fashion that she pushed her to leave her family: “I am shy and reserved because I built walls“. Surprisingly, she says that she does not like to look at herself in the films (the last of which she was the protagonist is Alessandro Gassman ‘s Razzabastarda) and above all in the photos for which she posed as a model: too made up, she prefers herself naturally.

Madalina Ghenea a Verissimo

Like Butler, Madalina started her acting career “late” – Silvia Toffanin does not miss the opportunity to ask Madalina Ghenea a few questions about her boyfriend Gerard Butler, whom she calls “Gerry”. With a big smile that denotes a great love with the Hollywood actor, Madalina says that her partner urges her daily to improve, to take acting lessons, singing:

Gerard sends me to work! It pushes me to study, to take acting lessons, singing, dance. Just like he does: we have many things in common, he too started shooting films late, at 25 years old like me.

The interview with Verissimo focuses on her experience as an actress and Ghenea confesses that she feels very lucky:

For my last film with Jude Law I lied, I said I was good at diving, swimming, singing. An actor’s job is beautiful, although the audition has some frustration in it. You must always try. When I am in front of a director I show that I am convinced of the role that I am going to play 100%. Like Dorina in Gassman’s film, I too was a Romanian looking for success: she ends up on the street and I was very lucky. God loves me.

He concludes his speech at the talk show led by Silvia Toffanin revealing that there have been negative experiences when she worked as a model, but she preferred not to tell her completely. From some sentences it is intuitive what he went through in his adolescence: “During agency parties, things can happen, you are a model and everyone has your number. Let’s say that sometimes I risked my life, or at least to end up somewhere else”. He closes the interview by saying he is very religious and searches for Orthodox churches wherever he is.