Ghenea found the culprit for breaking up with Matei Stratan

Madalina Ghenea admits that there are problems between her and Matei Stratan.

For the first time, Mădălina Ghenea offers details about the problems in her relationship with the millionaire Matei Stratan. The most beautiful Romanian woman was courted by many famous men, but she chose Matei Stratan, to whom she also gave a child.

According to several tabloids, Matei Stratan would have deceived Madalina.

The star is of the opinion that things will return to normal

Madalina Ghenea: “I am not disappointed, I know that things will be fixed. Maybe I was wrong too, maybe I was wrong.”

Madalina admitted that things are not exactly rosy in the couple’s relationship, but she considers that she is fighting for the little girl she has, especially since the little girl’s baptism is approaching.

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Madalina has long wanted to be a mother. And she even remotely adopted a little boy from Haiti. She gave birth 8 months ago. The father of her little girl, Matei Stratan, is the son of a millionaire doctor from Iaşi.