Gigi Becali tried to get the biggest shot in Liga 1! Lucescu didn't even think: "Yes, Gigi, you can't!" What he told FCSB boss

Mircea Lucescu spoke for the first time about the proposal received from the FCSB.

Mircea Lucescu was in the locker room of FCSB before the match with Mlada in the Europa League preliminaries, which has launched numerous speculations. Lucescu says that there was no clear offer from Becali to come to FCSB, but only a discussion.

"Il Luce" replied directly and clearly to the FCSB financier: "Can't!"

"No, it wasn't an offer. Gigi told me if there was any possibility to collaborate. I said, 'Yes, Gigi, it can't be. But if you want to help me with an advice …' teams can help with tips ", revealed Mircea Lucescu on ProX.