Giorgio Chiellini and Madalina Ghenea challenge each other in shots of new advertising 3

Wind Tre is back on air and online with a new brand ad 3, in which Giorgio Chiellini is Madalina Ghenea they face "shots" of photos.

In the video, the two testimonials compete to establish who will be able to make the most of the features of the new top Samsung smartphones: Giorgio uses his Galaxy S10, Madalina a Galaxy S10 + model. The thrilling "techno-challenge" begins and ends in one of the 3 stores, the network of 3-brand retail outlets. Between a shot in motion and one in motion, the photographic duel, in the end, will have only one winner.

At the heart of communication, the offer that 3 dedicates to the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 +, available with zero advance and with Kasko service included, combined with the "Free Power" solution, which also allows you to change your smartphone at no additional cost.