GUIMARAES – FCSB 1-0 | "THERE ARE MANY CHANGES! It was unfair to qualify" Tanase explained the FCSB disaster in Portugal

FCSB lost 0-1 to Guimaraes and is OUT from Europe.

Florin Tanase: "It was unfair to qualify! We have to restart everything, there will be many changes"

"It was unfair to qualify. This is the difference between the championship of Portugal and that of Romania. A team that finished in 5th place. We were dominated …

I don't want to talk about change anymore, ask someone else. Ask Mr. Professor, Mystery!

I don't think the Pintilians are retiring. We have to close the ranks, to take it all the way, because in the championship we are in a disastrous situation. We have to save the most to be saved, to focus on the Romanian Cup.

Below the last place can not be. We can downgrade, normally. Theoretical. But I do not think that is the problem!

There is a lot to change. Those who are in the club will definitely change something.

It's normal to be sad, it's the second year when we don't qualify. We as footballers are in place. We were supposed to grow, but we were in place. I don't know what the reason is, but as I said … I hope it will be a new start, give us a restart after this elimination and start playing football.

I don't want to talk about the coach, " said Florin Tanase after Guimaraes 1-0 FCSB.