He ate at fast food and got sick! Her friends immediately took her to the hospital, but what they were going to discover left them banned! What did the 21-year-old actually have?

He ate fast food and just thought he was overdoing it with burgers when he got sick!

Daisy Young, a 21-year-old from Dundee, was rushed to hospital by her friends after complaining of abdominal cramps. He had just eaten burgers and thought that was the reason for his condition. Daisy thought the McDonald’s job had made her fat in recent months. In fact, the young woman was pregnant. After 4 hours since she was hospitalized, the girl gave birth!

“I had cramps the day before, but I said it was a passing thing. It got worse the next day, so my friends took me to the emergency room for an ultrasound. I found out I was pregnant after the doctor she started examining me. I was shocked, “said Daisy, who gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby.

The girl was taking contraceptives and could not believe that she was a mother even when the doctors put her son in her arms: “I was so shocked that I couldn’t even cry!”