He decapitated his friend because he caught up with his girlfriend. The crime shocked a world

15-year-old Matthew Borges has committed a crime that has horrified the entire world. The day he broke up with his girlfriend from high school because he caught up with a friend of his, Matthew became a murderer.

High school love is passionate, but rarely does an adolescent love turn into a hate crime. Unfortunately, however, in a high school in the United States this happened.

The story of Matthew and his girlfriend Leilany seems to be going very well until the teenager becomes aggressive and suspicious. I can't stand the girl talking to another boy. One day, at the buffet in the high school, he caught her while he was talking to a friend of his. Things became so violent that the intervention of teachers was needed.

The two lovers decided to separate, but the young man had already thought badly about his friend. Thus, he persuaded Lee to meet one evening and discuss. Lee didn't come home.

The decapitated body of the teenager was found after 9 days of searching. The young man had been beheaded, had his hands cut and had been stabbed more than 70 times.

The investigators managed, after discussions with their colleagues, to gather the evidence that led to the murder. Matthew was sentenced to 30 years in prison. During the trial the boy did not show signs of remorse or regret.

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