He got rid of COVID, but his heart stopped when he saw the BILL! Football is the passion of the American saved from death in exchange for a fortune

An ardent supporter of the American Seattle Sounders team in MLS fell ill with coronavirus and stayed in the hospital for no less than 62 days, during which time the expenses amounted to an exorbitant amount.

At the age of 70, Michael Flor had the misfortune to contract the dreaded virus, but also the luck to escape with his life, even if his situation was at one time extremely critical. However, when he recovered and went home on his own two feet, Michael was on the verge of a heart attack when he was presented with the total cost of hospitalization.

Thus, according to the Seattle press, Michael Flor survived the coronavirus in exchange for $ 1.1 million, his medical expenses file spanning 181 pages. Fortunately, the American will not pay anything from this amount, the American state investing enormously in the financial support of patients with COVID.

During the 2 months in which he was hospitalized, Michael Flor spent 42 days in intensive care, at a price of almost 10,000 dollars a day, ie a total of over 400,000 euros. “I was looking at those costs and I felt guilty that I survived.”, the American told reporters.

As stated on his Facebook page, Michael Flor is married, works in the education system and is passionate about football, especially the Seattle Sounders team, one of the great forces in the North American Championship (MLS).