He was left with blood! Huge scandal between Neymar’s mother and her boyfriend 30 years younger! The young man arrived at the hospital with cuts on his hand

The relationship of Neymar’s mother, Nadine Goncalves with the 22-year-old Tiago Ramos is becoming more and more controversial.

The woman’s boyfriend, who is 30 years younger than her and 6 years younger than Neymar, was taken to hospital after a scandal. According to the Brazilian press, the two quarreled, and everything degenerated.

The woman called an ambulance after her boyfriend cut his hand in a broken window. One of Neymar’s mother’s neighbors confessed that she heard screams before the incident coming from the woman’s apartment.

According to Extra, Tiago Ramos needed 12 stitches due to a deep cut above the elbow.