Hi Darwin – Darwin by Donatello, special episodes for Friday, May 31, 2019

Last official appointment with the eighth edition of the Canale 5 variety.

In the special of Ciao Darwin – Darwin by Donatello the prize winners are:

  • Filip Simaz (Best Look)
  • Carlo Romano (Best Performance)

Hi Darwin – Darwin by Donatello, special episodes for Friday, May 31, 2019

Tonight in prime time on Canale 5 the last official act of the eighth edition of Hi Darwin by title Hi Darwin – Darwin of Donatello.

For the occasion, competitors from different teams will be in the studio during the 10 episodes of the anthropological show conducted by Paolo Bonolis with Luca Laurenti they have distinguished themselves for their eccentricity, the particular qualities of courage, play, intelligence, readiness, culture and more. During the special appointment a 'best of' program will be proposed again, their companies and the best will be elected winners, receiving the "Darwin di Donatello" as a prize.

The categories to be awarded will be: Best Performance, Character of the Year, Best Look, Toast Award, Miss Darwin and Mister Darwin.

For this special episode the iconic Mother Nature will be interpreted by the Italian model Sara Croce, already present in the sixth episode of last April 19th.

Hi Darwin 8: where to see it

Tonight's episode of Hi Darwin 8 – Darwin by Donatello will air on Channel 5 starting from 9:35 pm.

The episode will also be visible in streaming on the official website of Mediaset Play, where it will be possible to see it again even after the broadcast.

Hi Darwin 8: Second Screen

Hi Darwin 8

is present on web with a separate section on the Mediaset Play website.

On Facebook, instead, the program is present with its own official page.

On Twitter, the official account of the program is the following: @Ciaodarwinrealwhile the official hashtag with which it will be possible to comment on the program is #siamotuttimatti.

Hi Darwin 8 is also present on Instagram with an official profile.