Huge surprise! Who is the new lover of Madina Ghenea! Strong kick for Matei Stratan –

For several months, Madalina Ghenea has been dating a couple of one of the richest people in Italy, Leonardo Maria del Vecchio. He is 24 years old and is the son of the founder of Luxottica, which has an estimated wealth of 24 billion euros.

The two seem to understand each other very well and are about to move together, writes

Mădălina and Leonardo Maria del Vecchio

Prior to his relationship with Mădălina, Leonardo Del Vecchio was engaged to Alessia Tedeschi, a model from Abruzzo. On the other hand, Mădălina had relationships with several famous men, including Gerard Butler, Michael Fassbender and Louis Hamilton. She has a little girl with Matei Stratan, with whom she has been in a relationship for 2 years.

Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan

Who is Mădălina Ghenea

She started her career in fashion since she was 15 when she presented for the famous designer Gattinoni. He has also participated in fashion shows around the world, which is why he declares himself “a citizen of the world, with his life in a suitcase”. The most popular ads include brands such as La Perla, Lovable, Lise Charmel, Peroni, New Yorker, Borghetti, Sloggi, Grimaldi Mare, Max Well, Lormar, Amarea, Primadonna, Quelle, Margherita Mazzei, Lascana, Von Dutch, Parah, Lepel or Huntermoller.

As an actress, she debuted in 2011, in the role of Irina in the Italian film “I soliti idiotic”.

In Romania, he came to the press’s attention with the video “Il tempo tra di noi” by Eros Ramazzotti, in which he appears in the role of the beloved singer.

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