husband, photo and height of the Romanian model
Madalina Ghinea

Madalina Ghenea, beautiful Romanian model, will be a guest this evening 13 February 2019, to CR4 – The Republic of women. The sparkling program of Piero Chiambretti broadcast on Network 4 Wednesday from 21:20. The model will be in the studio to be interviewed; as everyone expects, there will be flattery and a little quip to please the beautiful Madalina.

Madalina Ghinea husband

Madalina he studied classical dance and piano for 7 years, but already at 15 he began his career as a model, moving from Romania to Milan for a fashion show Gattinoni. At the same time she keeps herself as a waitress in various structures and does not give up her studies, despite numerous commitments. His first television appearances date back to 2007 when he is framed in the video clip of Eros Ramazzotti, for the song The time between us. In 2008 he starred in the Peroni calendar and only two years later, in addition to appearing on the cover of Lady Bride, becomes famous for a television commercial of the telephone company 3, together with Raoul Bova and Teresa Mannino. Subsequently Madalina becomes testimonial of the same 3.

The model, years ago, was engaged for a whole year with the footballer Kevin Boateng, known in Dubai. For another year, since 2012, she has instead been engaged to Gerard Butler, fascinating actor known throughout the world. After him, until 2014, he had a relationship with Michael Fassbender, he too is now recognized everywhere. Since 2016, on the other hand, he has a well-established relationship with the Romanian entrepreneur Matei Stratan, from which he had his first daughter, born in 2017 in Bucharest.

Madalina Ghinea it is the dream of every man, beautiful and with a deep look, it boasts a very white and perfect smile. His harmonious and seductive face is accompanied by a body that seems carved in marble, on long tapered legs. The model is six feet tall and despite this she moves very well on very high heels that make her figure even more so.