"I am now a woman finesse"

A fairy Barabancea (50 years), has undergone a miraculous change! He managed to lose 60 kg and look extremely good! The jury of the contest "I know you from somewhere" (Antena 1) has kept numerous diets, over time, without registering spectacular results.

Two years ago, she chose to do a tummy tuck: "I am so happy that I became young, feminine and thin! From 128 kg, where I was barely fit on the screen, I became a woman's finesse ”, the singer said. After lowering her stomach in June 2017, Ozana Barabancea came down to about 60 kilograms. Now she is 68.

"I eat three times a day, five to five hours. It is important not to drink anything during the meal, to drink half an hour either before or after the meal ”, she said, for Click!

It made the pool rage at a great cost!

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