“I don’t have a house anymore. My parents keep my feet on the ground”

– What did you learn from Paolo Sorrentino during the filming of? “Youth”?

– I like to describe that experience as an orchestra conducted by Sorrentino. He was a perfect conductor, who managed to balance the relationships between the actors. At the Cannes press conference, Harvey Keitel said that we, all actors in the film, regardless of role, are friends. That we were friends before the movie.

Paolo Sorrentino managed to perfectly manage these extraordinary actors and they all followed him. Also at that conference, Michael Caine said he didn’t want to read the script and that when he was asked to make a movie with Sorrentino, he said “Yes” without reading the script.

– Where do you have an agent?

– I have an agent in Italy, Valentina Conti. I changed several agents, because I had the choice between making money with a commercial project or making a niche film.

I didn’t win anything with the movie “Youth”. But I had agents who preferred to make commercial films. I think that, in the acting profession, “not”things are more important than “Yes”CPCs.

It’s hard to say “no” to money. And I had to impose myself before some important agents and tell them: “I want to make a niche film. I don’t want to do a series, even if I pay well ”.

Because I knew I wouldn’t be taken in a niche movie if I didn’t know how many series in Italy. And when I met Sorrentino, he told me – “Please go away for 6 months, never see you at any event, go nowhere, stay home and learn”. And that’s what I did.

– So, you have chosen your agents on this criterion – who recommends you to play in real movies …

– I changed several agents until I came to one that believes in me. It is very difficult to find an agent who believes in you. I also recently signed with a manager from the States. I’m working with the American press office Jane Fonda recommended to me, with her stylist …

– Did Jane Fonda get you under the wing?

– They all took me under the wing. For example, I was at the Toronto film festival and in an interview for Variety, you can find on youtube, Harvey Keitel and Michael Caine talked about me so beautifully … They also introduced me to their agents, the people they work with …

– At the movie “Zoolander 2” did you arrive through the agent in america?

– No, I also got through my agency in Rome. Because it was filmed in Rome and castingMy role was also done in Rome. to Smitten! I also arrived through my Italian agency, and I gave the evidence to the States.

– At home, where are you in Milan?

– Not. I don’t have a house anymore.

– A place where, however, you leave your toothbrush …

– Where do I change my luggage. And I exchange my luggage at home with my mother in Romania.


(Question from the public): What can you tell us about the social project in Haiti?

– Foundation Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ) has 2500 students at the Haiti Film Institute. The first time I was there I was not told to make a donation, I was not asked to give money. There were these events, organized by APJ, at Cannes or at the Toronto film festival, for example.

When I first went, I didn’t know how to help. I understood in time. I realized that in a room with 15 children, there are two nurses who cannot take care of everyone. Who takes them, who speaks to them? Most don’t go, don’t talk, but they need affection.

And that’s what they gave me, 100 percent attention. That the world no longer gives you, that everyone is on the phone and giving like and looks at the next picture …

I have received attention and affection one hundred percent from these children, who in turn need them. And this is what I do in Haiti: I go to hospitals and take care of children.

I even tried to adopt a little girl. He has some health problems and he wasn’t even in the adoption system when I started this process. But it is a very difficult, very complicated process, which consumes you enormously psychically.

So that’s what I do in Haiti, and not just there. I chose to talk about the project in Haiti because I like to promote it, because everything I donate goes 100% in these programs.

Last year, at the Toronto film festival, I donated a sum and asked the people from APJ to come to Romania, to see some centers that I had visited and, if possible, to use them. , to do something for Romania.

Maybe that will happen. I’m not saying what this is about because I want it resolved first.

– I noticed that you choose your words very carefully. What restrictions does fame bring?

(smile) – There were restrictions at first, but I’m not wearing a mask. At first, I thought it was good to put in the perfect man. But there is no such thing. That’s why I loved the character of Miss Universe.

– The world we are looking at – unfortunately – fascinated is a world dominated by masks?

– Yes.

– How do you stay yourself?

– Visiting these centers, with these children who do not have masks. There you realize what the real problems are. Those kids have problems, and they still smile, happy to see you. After you go there, you will appreciate each embrace with your parents, each touch, each kiss.

That teaches you, in my opinion, the movie “Youth”. Time is the protagonist of this film. How long do we have? How do we spend it? Did we hug our parents? Did I tell them we love them?