"I left Hollywood for my kids"

Paz Vega speaks in English with a lovely Spanish accent. We are sitting in a somewhat secluded corner of the Eden Roc Cap Cana hotel but the music of the pre-screening party of theInternational Film & Music Festival Cana Dorada (which took place from 16 to 20 January and dedicated a career award to it) it still reaches us.

Forty-four years old, actress since she was 16, in the curriculum about sixty films, the Vega does not seem at all one who wants to close with work.

Still, I point out, about fifteen years ago he said that his greatest aspiration would be "to quit cinema and be a full-time housewife". He smiles. "It's true, I said it and, then, I really thought so. The fact is that at the beginning of my career it all happened very quickly. I had been working on a TV series for a year, every day on set without breaks and then, in 2001, he had arrived Lucía y el sexo, the film that also made me known in America. And the reason why, a couple of years later, I went to Los Angeles to shoot Spanglish, which came out in 2004. In short, I felt exhausted, I thought I couldn't go on like that ».

At the time of Spanglish, he explains, not only did he not speak a word of English, but he did not understand it either. "In those conditions, making a film in America was a very difficult experience. It had already been difficult to leave Spain and move to Los Angeles. And after the months on the set, I had to participate in the promotion all over the world. Luckily I was young, at that age you are not afraid of anything. "

Closed that small rejection crisis, not only Paz Vega has rediscovered the desire to work but has also found a way to bring together her commitments as an actress with the family. Together with husband Orson Salazar, a talent agent, had three children: Major Orson Jr., who turned 12, his daughter Ava 10 and the latest arrival, Lenon, 9. "A year and a half ago I returned to live in Madrid especially for them. They are three pre-teenagers, if I had still waited it would have been too traumatic: having to leave friends, change schools, habits ».

Meantime Ava has already made her debut as an actress. "An appearance on a TV series, he was super happy. But she is small, she has not yet decided what she wants to do in life. She likes to ride, goes to dance school, paints well and is very good at school. We'll see. But whatever you decide to do, I will support you in any way».

The actress has 4 new films coming out soon – American Night, Thirteen Minutes, The Jesuit is Emperor, and recently finished a TV series for Amazon Prime Cuna de Lobos. «And in 2018 I participated in Celebrity MasterChef. With the kitchen I am quite good, but there I learned a lot ». He adds that, luckily for him, you don't need to be in Los Angeles anymore to be an actress. «The world has become small. also because many American productions are shot in Europe. For Rambo – Last Blood (Released last year, ed) we shot most of the scenes in Bulgaria. Sylvester Stallone had called me for another movie several years ago, I can't tell you which out of respect for the actress who played the part, but I was pregnant and had to give up. And I was very sorry because I love action movies. I grew up watching Rambo».

Just with Stallone, Paz Vega had presented the International Film & Music Festival Cana Dorada, at the Cannes Film Festival, last May. An event born with the idea of ​​creating a bridge between Hollywood and the Latin American film industry, organized by the producer Raquel Flores and the Mexican actor Fernando Colunga and directed, among others, by the producers Avi Lerner (of Millenium Films ) and Allen Shapiro. .

At the first edition, which ended on January 20, among other international guests, there were the actress and model Madalina Ghenea, Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis, actor and director Danny Houston, Lola Ponce, with her husband, actor Aaron Diaz, the actor Julián Gil (very famous in Argentina) and Zuleyka Rivera (Miss Universe 2006) who, together, presented the evenings, and influencers such as Victoria Bonya and Hofit Golan. IS an award was also given to the Italian series Baby (Netflix), "Accompanied" to Punta Cana by producers Marco and Nicola De Angelis, the director Andrea De Sica and one of the protagonists, Lorenzo Zurzolo.