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Even high-profile stars have moments when they crash and fall prey to vices, and most of the time they need the support of others to get back. Who helped Brad Pitt give up alcohol? He wanted to send her a public message.

He is a famous actor all over the world, the films in which he was distributed had record earnings, he was married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, but all these successes did not prevent Brad Pitt from becoming addicted to alcohol.

Who helped Brad Pitt give up alcohol?

International stars are constantly feeling pressure from those around them, which is why they rarely take refuge in alcohol or prohibited substances to deal with this situation. At one point, Brad Pitt had serious alcohol problems, but he managed to overcome them with the help of a very good friend. It’s about another famous actor, namely Bradley Cooper.

In early January, Bradley Cooper handed an award to Brad Pitt, and the latter considered it the most appropriate time to thank his good friend for his support during the alcohol problem.

Brad Pitt testified in front of everyone that Bradley Cooper helped him quit the drink, but without giving too many details about how he did it.

“I gave up alcohol because of this guy, and since then, every day of my life has been happier. I love you and thank you. “, was the message Brad Pitt wanted to convey publicly, according to today.com.

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