I soliti idioti, Italia 1 / “From TV to cinema Biggio and Mandelli in a road movie”


The usual idiotsfrom TV to cinema he sees Mandelli and Biggio in a road movie made of goliardic smashings“. Edoardo Becattini promotes the film with sufficiency on MyMovies: “It’s not about satire of costume, too busy is the film to accumulate more catchphrases and goliardic calembour than layers of makeup on Mandelli’s face“. The film instead is totally rejected by ilMorandini which only gives one of stars: “The only bearable thing about the film is the title. “ These are certainly very strong words, but which find justification in a film that too often suffers the transition from cinema to television. If the sketches on the small screen were enthralling and very nice on the big one, it seems often to see the authors climbing on the mirrors. The usual idiots airs on Italia 1 starting at 11.50pm, click here for the trailer. We will have the opportunity to follow the film in live streaming on our mobile devices thanks to Mediaset Play, by clicking here.

The film was born out of fans’ insistence

The film The usual idiots was born thanks to the insistence of the fans, lovers of the TV series: they are clamoring for a feature film that tells the vicissitudes of the two desecrating and hilarious Ruggero and Gianluca. As soon as it was released in theaters, I soliti idioti was very successful: it grossed € 10.8 million. The sequel was not long in coming; in 2012 I 2 soliti idioti was shot, which picks up where the first one ended. Also in this case the film is appreciated by the public and sees the participation of the comedian Teo Teocoli and Rosita Celentano.


Info and timetable

The usual idiots it goes broadcast on Italia 1 at 11.50 pm today, 8 June 2020. It is a 2011 film directed by Enrico Lando, based on the Italian sitcom of the same name with Francesco Mandelli and Fabrizio Biggio. The two actors, the protagonists of the TV series, interpreted the main characters in the film, signed the subject and the screenplay with the collaboration of Martino Ferro and the music together with Martino Ferro, Gaetano Cappa and Dino Lenny. Among the actors appear Verdena, Francesco Sarcina and Rocco Tanica of the band Elio and Storie Tese. The partnership between the protagonists of I soliti idioti continued after the 2011 comedy. In 2015 they directed the comic film La solita commedia – Inferno, in which the two comedians play a myriad of characters, who embody the vices of society Contemporary. In the same year they participate in the Sanremo Festival with the song Vita d’Inferno.


The usual idiots, the plot of the film

The protagonists of The usual idiots I am Ruggero De Ceglie (Francesco Mandelli) and his son Gianluca (Fabrizio Biggio), promised spouse of Fabiana, the historical fiancée hated by his father. After a premonitory dream, Ruggero decides to sabotage the marriage and convinces the future spouse to be sick: an incurable disease will soon lead him to death. Ruggero convinces Gianluca to follow him to Rome, where he wants to show him the places where he lived and where he wants to be buried. In reality Ruggero has bet with old friends, including Chicco, that his son would have gone to bed Irina Tjianchikova (Madalina Diana Ghenea), model of Smutandissimi. Gianluca soon discovers the deception and abandons Roger.

However, father and son are arrested as they escape from a Roman brothel and, behind bars, the two meet Chicco who begins to insult Roger accusing him of being a liar and a bad person. Gianluca defends his father who is finally proud of him. They run away from prison together and decide to complete the bet. Will Gianluca be able to spend a night of fire with Irina?

Video, the trailer of the usual idiots