Images of the moment! They went out to sea without knowing that a big killer shark was swimming under them and everything was filmed! It’s amazing what happened next

Surfers went out hunting for waves without suspecting what experience awaits them!

A white shark was just below them! The images were taken in Plettenberg Bay in South Africa. According to The Mirror, the water was only 2 meters in the place where the shark swims. A kid filming a drone in the area accidentally caught the moment that makes the spectators shiver. He had his father alert the lifeguards, and they intervened urgently. Fortunately, the shark ‘patrolled’ in the area, but did not attack and the three young men were able to go ashore safely. Even rescuers were surprised by the giant’s reaction, usually mercilessly in similar cases.

I try to capture images from nature with a drone. I saw the shark and watched it. When I saw how close he was to the surfers, I told my father to go get them out of the water. The shark moved very fast and was right under the surfers. It was scary to sit there with the remote control, seeing the shark so close. You really don’t know what to do in these moments“said the boy who filmed everything from the drone.