iPhone 11: in installments with zero advance with the new Tre proposal

Through a new advertising spot the telephone operator Tre announced a new initiative that will allow users to purchase the new iPhone 11 with zero advance, obviously selecting one of the proposed telephone offers.

Giorgio Chiellini is Madalina Ghenea they are the testimonials of this new TV commercial.

Here is a description of the video, which is currently broadcast on the main Italian broadcasters:

Madalina, after buying the new iPhone 11 from a 3Store, joins Giorgio in her villa. Before their arrival, the two interact by sharing photos and messages with their iPhones connected to the 3 network. An experience lived at 100, thanks to the innovative features of the iPhone 11, combined with the advantages of 3-brand solutions.

Customers who choose "FREE" solutions have the ability to change their iPhone at no additional cost.

ALL-IN Power offers

ALL-IN Power offers unlimited minutes, 300 SMS to all national numbers and 60 GB per month with GIGA BANK service. In the event of the presence or simultaneous subscription of a Super Fiber / Internet 200 / Internet 20 / Internet 7 offer, ALL-IN Power with smartphone provides unlimited browsing.

In the event of deactivation of the Super Fiber / Internet 200 / Internet 20 / Internet 7 combined offers, the Customer will lose this benefit by returning to use the base option threshold. ALL-IN Power provides a monthly cost starting from € 11.99, depending on the model chosen, for the entire duration of the contract.

The ALL-IN rechargeable with smartphone includes the purchase of a smartphone available through a light credit with Compass Banca S.p.A. or by Sale at Rate 3, with a duration of 30 months and payment by SDD or Credit Card.

ALL-IN Power with smartphone provides new customers with an activation fee of € 6.99 instead of € 55.99 with an active offer for 30 months. Otherwise, or in the event of non-compliance with the aforementioned contractual duration, the remaining € 49 will be charged for the cost of activating the offer.

In the proposal to activate the offer, the Customer expressly indicates whether, in the event of withdrawal before the end of the contractual term, he intends to maintain the payment extension or pay, in a single payment, all the remaining installments, not yet paid, relating to the 'purchase of the Terminal.

The choice made may be changed at any time by contacting Customer Service. The maintenance of this benefit is subject to the regular payment of the installments due.

The monthly cost, charged to the chosen payment method, consists of the cost of the ALL-IN Power option of 11.99 € and the smartphone payment, which can be purchased based on the model chosen. Some smartphones require a final installment.

The ALL-IN Rechargeable with Smartphone are automatically renewed on the payment method chosen every month starting from the activation date.