Joaquin Phoenix goes wild on the red carpet

from the correspondent Ilaria Floris

An infinite feeling "that seemed to never want to end". Joaquin Phoenix unleashed on the red carpet that saw him as the protagonist tonight in Venice for the premiere of 'Joker', the film of which he is the protagonist directed by Todd Phillips, together with Robert De Niro. After casually crossing the catwalk, the actor – in a tuxedo, dark glasses, long and graying hair combed back – headed swiftly towards the barricades, where the public of special occasions welcomed him.

Phoenix signed autographs and chatted with the fans until the organizers invited him to go back, for the cast and the entrance to the hall. But the actor expressly asked to be able to return to the fans, triggering one of the most enthusiastic ovations seen so far at the festival.

Many stars have crossed the red carpet to watch the screening of the much awaited film. From Catherine Deneuve, in brilliant black, to the American actress Cate Blanchett, who showed off a very striking black wheel dress. Also many homegrown stars did not want to miss what was seen as one of the most glamorous events of this year's exhibition: among others Michelle Hunziker in silver, Madalina Ghenea in gold, Bella Thorne and Benji, Greta Scarano and, of course, the patroness of the exhibition Alessandra Mastronardi.

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