Latin and Greek Party, workshops …



Comuniteca: biology for groups, Mondays, 9 am, Tuesdays, 4 pm; science workshop with Daniela Berchez, Monday, 4 pm; ABC workshop for emotions for groups, Tuesday, 9 am; company dance course, for adults over 50, on Tuesdays, 6:30 pm; road education, Wednesday, 10 o’clock; English course, Wednesday, 12 noon; socio-emotional development, Wednesday, 3:30 pm; legal education, Thursday, 9 o’clock; interactive technical workshop, Thursday, 10 am; Art History Workshop with Anamaria Iştoc, for people over 50, Thursday, 4 pm, Crişul Center

Harbinger of spring, exhibition with the sale of products made by young people from the Down Association, the County Library (until Thursday)

Seeds with soul, seed market to encourage clean agriculture and free movement of seeds, Saturday, 10 o’clock, Lokal

Wake up! – one man show with David Constantinescu, Sunday, 7 pm, Studio Act

Kharisma National Choreographic Art Competition, Saturday, 9am, ERA Park

Mandinga – Latin Party, Friday, 8 pm; Greek Party with Yannis Greek Band and Ithaki Ensemble, Saturday, 8 pm, Grand Palace


The sound of Music, book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse, after the novel “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers”, by Marisa von Trapp, directed by Mihaela Bogdan, music by Ricardo Rodgers, Monday and Friday, 7 pm, Great Hall

Păcală’s endeavors, by Constantin Cublesan, directed by Petre Ghimbăşan, Thursday, 7 pm, Arcadia Hall

Red Riding Hood, by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, the artistic director and screenwriter Maria Mierluţ, Saturday, 11 o’clock, Arcadia Hall


Lala from the Land of Fairies, by Szabo Magda, Egressy Zoltan, Tuesday, 10am, Saturday, 6pm, Studio Szigligeti

The enchanted rooster, Fridays, 10 am and noon

Mine flower, by Szekely Csaba, Friday, 7 pm, Studio Szigligeti

The soldier’s song, Nagyvarad tank subscription, Saturday, 7 pm, Great Hall

The village bar, Sunday, 5 pm, Studio Arcadia

Sybilla, by Jacobi Viktor, Gabor Jozsef subscription, Sunday, 5 pm, Great Hall


Vocal-symphonic concert with the participation of the Philharmonic Choir. Program: W.A. Mozart: Don Giovanni – the overture, K.527, P. I. Tchaikovsky: Variations on a Rococo theme, op. 33, A. Vivaldi: Gloria, RV 589. Conductor Jankó Zsolt, soloists Szabó Ildikó – cello (Hungary), Breinich Beáta – soprano (Hungary), Megyesi Schwartz Lúcia – mezzo-soprano (Hungary), choir conductor Lászlóffy Zsolt, Thursday, 7pm



the international exhibition of photographers on the occasion of International Women’s Day, 108 black-and-white and color photographs by artist photographers from Europe, Asia, the Middle East


– Design Expo, exhibition of students from the Faculty of Arts-Design, opening Thursday, 6 pm

– the photography exhibition “Labyrinth of Colors”, by Florence Ilie


the exhibition, “Seeds of dreaming”, exhibit the artists Angela Szabo, Dan Daniel and Ilie Duta (Oradea Fortress)


“Olfactory – Spices, resins, perfumes and fragrances. From Antiquity to the Modern Age”

“The Inventions of the Middle Ages. Leonardo da Vinci water, wind and fire “, interactive exhibition within the concept of MoO Kids – Children’s Museum

the retrospective exhibition “An endless journey” by the photographer artist Cornel Gingăraşu (Galaţi) (until Thursday)

the exhibition “Sketches and mechanisms, in reality and virtual games – Leonardo da Vinci”

itinerant exhibition “A Royal Friendship: Gregory Antipa and the Kings of Romania 1892-1944”, objects, documents and photos

“Matia Corvin – Life at the Royal Court”, interactive exhibition, three-dimensional figurines, visual and sound effects, medieval games and toys, themed scenes

“The Horn of Abundance – Luxury in the Transylvanian Noble World”: bracelets, brooches, pendants, earrings, bracelets, gold or silver rifles, enamelled or decorated with precious stones, weapons, harness and military parade items

“50 years of Romanian graphics – 1970-2020”, exhibition of contemporary Romanian art, 70 works signed by 65 artists

“A century of femininity, 100 years of fashion” – original pieces of clothing, accessories, photos, fashion magazines and lingerie: “Refining and intimacy in Belle Epoque and Interbelic”

the exhibition “100 years since the visit of the Royal Family to Oradea”

permanent exhibitions: “70s-80s disco”; ex the position dedicated to the First World War and to Traian Moşoiu; “The evolution of Oradea in the communist regime (1945-1989) “, History of photography from Oradea; Churches in the palace – archaeological research in the Prince’s Palace; Bread History; exhibitions of religious cults; Memorial “Resistance and repression in Bihor”; Hall with Griffons; Lapidary; “Decades of indifference. Oradea fortress from the brink of collapse to the greatness of the past”; “Rebirth through restoration”


the exhibition “Que Viva Picasso!”, over 120 lithographs and heliogravures by Pablo Picasso, from the collection of Thomas Emmerling

the exhibition “Objects recovered. Purchases of the Crişului Country Museum in Crişana between 2014 and 2019”

the exhibition “Restored objects. The seasons, the tapestries made by Maria Blendea in 1968 for the Crişurii Country Museum”

exhibition of plastic artists from the interwar period

exhibition “The Donation of Joseph Fekete (1903-1979)”



the exhibition “Bihor … at the breaking of the world (October 12, 1918 – April 20, 1919)”


MOSZKVA CAFE: Thursday Gray Paris, 8pm; Friday Quantum Zero: Friday the 13th edition, now 23; Saturday Holloenek Hungarica, 8 pm; Saturday Apple Room: Vlad Bretan, Max’Lar, 10pm

TIME SOCIAL LOUNGE: Friday Party, 23 p.m.

LORD’S PUB: Saturday Night Party, 23:00

LOCAL PUB: Friday Party, 9pm

THE PIPE: Friday, 22nd Party

INTENSE: Friday Party, 23 p.m.

EDISON PUB: Friday, Saturday Party Night, 10 pm

GREEN PUB: Friday Live concert, 8 pm; Saturday Saturday Madness, 10.30pm

COLUMBUS CAFE: Friday, Saturday Party, 10 pm; Sunday, Monday Board Games, 12 noon

BLACK AND WHITE: Tuesday Quiz: Spring begins with you, Woman!



Inspired by a successful comic book, the movie Bloodshot features Ray Garrison, an elite soldier recently killed in action, who is brought back to life and transformed into the Bloodshot superhero by the RST corporation.

Being inoculated with all the properties of a cutting-edge nano-technology, he is now an unstoppable force – the most powerful warrior – capable of self-healing instantly. But, the company has also changed his mind and memories …

Director: Dave Wilson

With: Diesel wine


Anton, a famous pianist, is missing. The cop who takes over the case learns about the artist’s troubled destiny, bizarre relationships and decisions that triggered a whirlwind of events. After the parents died, Anton became obsessed with the happiness of his sister, Ana, beyond the limits of brotherly love. Irina Rădulescu, the daughter of the late actor Dem Rădulescu, a theater actress, is in her first role in a Romanian film.

Director: Dorian Boguţă

With: Marin Grigore, Madalina Diana Ghenea, Irina Rădulescu

PROGRAM March 9-12

Bloodshot preview, Wednesday, Thursday 17.30, 20.15, 22.20

Follow premiere, Monday-Thursday 13.25, 19.05, 22.30

Onward 3D, premiere, Monday, Tuesday 12.20, 14.15, 16.10, 18.05; Wednesday 10.50, 12.05, 14.05, 16.05, 18.05; Thursday 12.20, 14.15, 16.10, 18.05 (doubled in Romanian); Monday-Thursday 12.45, 16.40; Wednesday 10.30am (doubled in Hungarian)

Collective Monday, Tuesday 17.30

The invisible Man Monday, Tuesday 15.25, 17.40, 20.15, 22.30; Wednesday, Thursday 15.25, 17.40, 19.55, 22.10 (subtitle); Mon-Thu 13, 21.05 (Hungarian double)

10 days without the mother Monday-Thursday 15.15

Calling ancestors Mon-Thurs 14.45, 17.10, 18.40, 20.35; Wednesday 11.55

Sonic the Hedgehog Monday-Thursday 13.45, 15.40; Wednesday 11.30 (dubbed in Romanian)

Miami Bike Mon-Thurs 12.25, 14.20, 16.15, 18.15, 20.05, 22.05; Wednesday 11.05

latte and the enchanted crystal Wednesday 10.20

Birds of prey and the fantastic Harley Quinn Monday-Thursday 19.35

Stylish gangsters Monday, Tuesday 21.35

Puppy Patrol Wednesday 10.40

Bad guys for life Monday, Tuesday 19.55, 22.15; Wednesday, Thursday 21.35