Lecce, crumbling public housing, protest: "20 families waiting for new housing"

New solicitation from the spokesman of the Nuova Rudiae Popular Committee: "The old buildings are unsafe. We move to the waiting families."

Crumbling houses with collapsed plants. Twenty families are still waiting for the transfer to the new social housing, already completed for some time and ready to be inhabited. A new reminder comes from Leo Ciccardi, president of the Nuova Rudiae Popular Committee.

"It has been about two years since October 2017, when the then Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Public Works declared that in December of the same year, transfers would take place of the families, already tenants, of public housing in Via Sozy Carafa and others from via Casavola – writes Ciccardi – To this day remains the mystery for which the removal does not take place despite the Determination Managerial No. 07110/2017, of 31/12/2017, with which the transfer of residents is considered of via Carafa to start the demolition and reconstruction works of other accommodations provided for in the PRU

In addition, the need is highlighted to meet the problems of the residents who have now become urgent and unworkable, since the latter are forced to live in old and often crumbling buildings, with plant parts close to collapse and with the presence of rats considerable size. The same Determination shows the cost commitment for the cost of removals.

Moreover, with the Managerial Resolution No. 01380/2019, all the bureaucratic procedures were carried out concerning the verification of the requisites of the beneficiaries and therefore a list of 20 families was drawn up on 29 accommodations.

Therefore, it is worth remembering that, as soon as the transfers are made, the Municipality will still be able to act on the delivery of 12 lodgings, of which the remaining 9 in Via Pozzuolo and 3 in Via Casavola ".

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