Lecce, Deiola's first training session, ok Babacar and Tabanelli. Four of them are still out

A day of hard work and bittersweet news for Liverani, who risks going to Parma having to do without important elements.

Yesterday Lecce performed twice as much as usual, training both in the morning and in the afternoon at Via del Mare. The goal is to recover strength and better oil the mechanisms ahead of Monday's trip to Parma.

Mister Liverani had only half positive indications. Of note, there is undoubtedly the first day of work with Alessandro Deiola's teammates, a new Giallorossi acquisition. As well as the return to the ranks of Babacar and Tabanelli, in recent days slowed down by physical problems. At the same time, however, those of Calderoni and Lapadula, increasingly at risk, continue to be joined by Farias and Shakhov.

To find out if these are problems that can be solved in Parma, we will have to wait for tomorrow's morning training and, above all, for Sunday's finishing.

Source: Salentosport.net

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