Lecce, disassembles antenna from the car and attacks the carabinieri, 22 years old reported

The young Pakistani in a psychotic crisis had already been stopped in avenue Lo Re where he had damaged some windows.

After being arrested for having smashed the windows of two stores in viale Lo Re, he set off again at the end of the validation hearing and assaulted the carabinieri with the antenna torn from the service car that was accompanying him at home. The protagonist is a 22 year old Pakistani who has been sedated and subjected to Tso and denounced for resistance and injury to a public official. The young man, in the throes of delusions, had been taken out of the vehicle but once outside in the University avenue he tore the car antenna trying to hit the soldiers who, to avoid damage to the cars parked nearby, made him come back in the middle. Once inside he smashed the window with his kicks and punches to get out again but was stopped by another patrol that had arrived in the meantime that immobilized him with pepper spray. Visited by 118 staff and a psychiatrist, he was recognized as a delusion and then taken to the hospital. The military suffered minor injuries.

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