Lecce, Good retailers: doubled in 10 years. The demographic decline is worrying

According to data from Davide Stasi's Economic Observatory, the number has gone from 278 in 2010 to the current 402.

The large-scale retail trade has spread like wildfire in the province of Lecce. This is what emerges from a survey conducted by the Economic Observatory, directed by Davide Stasi, with the aim of understanding its evolution, starting from 2010 to date, in view of the approaching Christmas holidays.

In the province of Lecce, there are 184 supermarkets, 174 mini-markets, 40 department stores and 4 hypermarkets. For a total of 402 exercises, which in certain areas penalize the neighborhood shops and small retail outlets, already affected by the recession, the most.

"In the time frame examined – explains Davide Stasi, director of the Economic Observatory – there are clear signs of expansion of all forms of large-scale retail (Gdo), both in terms of numerical increase of the exercises, and from the point of view of employment growth, both in terms of the expansion of the overall sales area. The study divides the different types, also calculating the sales area and the number of employees, as well as the change over time. Compared to 2010 – notes Stasi – there are 43 additional supermarkets, for an increase of 30.5 percent (nine years ago they were 141); 40 new convenience stores, for a positive variation of 29.9 percent (there were 134); 40 department stores and an extra hypermarket. For a total of 124 extra large retail outlets compared to 278 in 2010. Regarding the total sales area – adds Stasi – the supermarket area is 145,078 square meters; that of the minimarkets is 48.724 square meters; that of the department stores is 44,429 square meters and that of the hypermarkets is 24,800 square meters. For a total of 263,031 square meters ".

In the city of Lecce there are 22 supermarkets that cover an area of ​​19,092 square meters, while the other 162 supermarkets are located in the other municipalities of the province and occupy a total of 125,986 square meters.

In the provincial capital, 14 mini-markets were opened (covering 3,584 square meters), seven department stores (out of 10,655 square meters) and three hypermarkets (out of 24,800 square meters, of which 16,240 for the sale of food and 8,560 square meters intended for non-food sales).

“It must be said – continues Stasi – that, in recent years, the growth rates of the new points of the large-scale retail trade are slightly lower than in the two-year period 2014-2015 and there are no major and particular changes in terms of sector composition, although confirming the expansive trend of the sector which employs 4,006 employees, divided among the various forms of distribution, tending to correspond to the weight of the number of establishments ". In detail, supermarkets occupy 2,232 work units; the 981 convenience stores; the 446 department stores; hypermarkets 347.

"The increase in shopping centers, with the expansion of the overall areas of large-scale distribution, will have to deal, however, with the trends of society, in view of the decline in population – gloss Stasi – If on the one hand, the loss of purchasing power pushes families to prefer large shopping centers and above all discount stores, where products on shelves are sold at low and convenient prices, on the other hand, however, the lower consumption capacity of the Salento that will gradually decrease in relation to demographic declines ".

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