Lecce, Mercato, for the young of perspective and an expert tip

DS Meluso is committed to seeing some of the Under-20 World Cup races in Poland, but his work also continues in Italy in view of the opening of the transfer market.

While the Serie A championship is still nearing completion, Lecce is already taking its first steps in the transfer market. And to be finished under the magnifying lens of the Meluso ds, engaged with the scouting work in Poland for the Under-20 World Cup, have ended up precisely different elements of the series that could be done for Mr. Fabio Liverani.

Said by Sebastiano Luperto, to date the number one goal for the defense, in midfield there are two young elements in the forefront as possible purchases: Francesco Cassata and Danilo Cataldi. On the first the contacts are already well underway, and Sassuolo could borrow it after returning from the unrepeatable experience of Frosinone. The second could be part of a speech with Lazio, which already includes Palombi, which Lecce would like to retain again. In both cases it would be a loan with the right to redeem for future purposes.

The situation in attack is more complex. Here too there is a young man in the lead, always back from a season with Frosinone and currently engaged with the Italy Under 20 at the world championship, that is the Inter Andrea Pinamonti school. However, the competition is very strong on him, with half A asking him to borrow from the Nerazzurri. The roads leading to Mirco Antenucci of Spal and Mattia Destro of Bologna are more practicable. Outgoing from their respective clubs, they are ready to re-launch themselves into a new and serious project like that of President Sticchi Damiani.

Source: Salentosport.net

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