Lecce, season ticket campaign: the first day of sale frees up over three thousand cards sold

A first day like this maybe nobody really expected in Lecce and surroundings.

At 24 hours from the opening of the season ticket campaign even for those who had not signed the card last year, the partial data communicated by the company is emblematic to say the least: over 3 thousand subscriptions.

The Lecce supporters have in fact taken the authorized dealers by storm, for example forcing the headquarters of the Banca Popolare Pugliese del Capoluogo to postpone the closure for three days in a row at 8.30pm. In a single day, therefore, the overall figure exceeds 9 thousand, getting closer to those 14 thousand that would represent a record in the history of the Giallorossi club. And, given the trend, dreaming is at least legitimate.

Source: Salentosport.net

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