Listen Sanremo: all the auditel data of the first evenings
Fiorello and Amadeus

Fiorello and Amadeus

Other than controversy: the real “bogeyman” of Amadeus is now Auditel, which will decree the success of the Sanremo festival 2020. The legacy is heavy because the Romagna driver comes after two very successful managements: that of Claudio Baglioni, ‘patron’ of the latest editions, and that of Carlo Conti, at the helm from 2015 to 2017. The wait for this 70 ° Festival will it benefit on the front listen? Waiting for the response, here all the numbers of the first evenings.

Listen to Sanremo, prime time: the last ten festivals

Let’s go over the auditel story of the early evening of the Italian Song Festival, from last year’s edition to that of 2010, which kicked off the second decade of the event in the new century, in a phase of great change for TV, which has gone from analogue to digital. It should be noted that competition from the other main networks has, in fact, raised more and more white flags from year to year.

Sanremo 2019

Claudio Baglioni leads with Virginia Raffaele and Claudio Bisio
Spectators: 10,086,000
Share: 49.5%
Most popular program on other networks: Good day (Channel 5, 1,596,000 – 6.14%)

Sanremo 2018

Claudio Baglioni leads with Michelle Hunziker and Pierfrancesco Favino
Spectators: 11,603,000
Share: 52.1%
Most popular program on other networks: Me & Marilyn (Channel 5, 1,560,000 – 5.7%)

Sanremo 2017

Carlo Conti leads with Maria De Filippi
Spectators: 11,374,000
Share: 50.37%
Most popular program on other networks: The king’s speech (Channel 5, 1,474,000 – 5.53%)

Sanremo 2016

Carlo Conti leads with Virginia Raffaele, Gabriele Garko and Madalina Ghenea
Spectators: 11,134,000
Share: 49.48%
Most popular program on other networks: Good day (Channel 5, 2,161,000 – 8.01%)

Sanremo 2015

He leads Carlo Conti with Arisa, Emma and Rocio Munoz Morales
Spectators: 11,767,000
Share: 49.34%
Most popular program on other networks: The Flash / Arrow (Italy 1, 2.031.000 – 6.51% / 1.730.000 6.14%)

Sanremo 2014

Fabio Fazio leads with Luciana Littizzetto
Spectators: 10,938,000
Share: 45.93%
Most popular program on other networks: Just married (Channel 5, 2,256,000 – 8.37%)

Sanremo 2013

Fabio Fazio leads with Luciana Littizzetto
Spectators: 12,969,000
Share: 48.20%
Most popular program on other networks: In this world of thieves (Channel 5, 2,767,000 – 8.8%)

Sanremo 2012

Gianni Morandi leads with Rocco Papaleo and Ivana Mrazova
Spectators: 12,764,000
Share: 49.69%
Most popular program on other networks: Ballaro (Rai 3, 2,748,000 – 9.23%)

Sanremo 2011

He leads Gianni Morandi with Belen Rodriguez, Elisabetta Canalis and Luca e Paolo
Spectators: 11,992,000
Share: 46.32%
Most popular program on other networks: Ballaro (Rai 3, 4.376.000 – 14.53%) *

* It was the episode of the news of the immediate rite against Silvio Berlusconi for the accusations of bribery and aiding and abetting of child prostitution on the Ruby case.

Sanremo 2010

Antonella Clerici leads
Spectators: 10,718,000
Share: 45.29%
Most popular program on other networks: Ballaro (Rai 3, 3,451,000 – 12.2%)

Listen to Sanremo, early evening: the other festivals

We now recall the results of the first evenings of Sanremo from the 2000s.

Sanremo 2009

Paolo Bonolis leads with Luca Laurenti
Spectators: 10.114.000
Share: 47.93% **

Sanremo 2008

Pippo Baudo leads with Piero Chiambretti, Bianca Guaccero and Andrea Osvart
Spectators: 7,680,000
Share: 36.46% ***

Sanremo 2007

Pippo Baudo leads with Michelle Hunziker
Spectators: 9,760,000
Share: 45.44%

Sanremo 2006

He leads Giorgio Panariello with Ilary Blasi and Victoria Cabello
Spectators: 9.141.000
Share: 44.45%

Sanremo 2005

Paolo Bonolis leads with Antonella Clerici and Federica Fellini
Spectators: 12,218,000
Share: 54.78%

Sanremo 2004

He leads Simona Ventura with Paola Cortellesi, Maurizio Crozza and Gene Gnocchi
Spectators: 10,104,000
Share: 42.48%

Sanremo 2003

Pippo Baudo leads with Serena Autieri and Claudia Gerini
Spectators: 9,257,000
Share: 42.55%

Sanremo 2002

Pippo Baudo leads with Manuela Arcuri and Vittoria Belvedere
Spectators: 12,461,000
Share: 56.22%

Sanremo 2001

Raffaella Carrà leads with Megan Gale, Massimo Ceccherini and Enrico Papi
Spectators: 12.160.000
Share: 51.98%

Sanremo 2000

Fabio Fazio leads with Luciano Pavarotti, Teo Teocoli and Ines Sastre
Spectators: 15,907,000
Share: 57.18%

** In 2009 the first evening of Sanremo it was also the last with a competition on Canale 5 ‘on’, which for the occasion did not stop the airing of the fifth and final season of the series R.I.S. – Imperfect crimes, followed by 4,418,000 viewers (14.26%) in the first episode and 3,678,000 (14.52%) in the second.

*** In 2008, in the same disastrous debut evening of Festival, Rai 3 recorded record plays (over 4 and a half million viewers) with the episode of Who has seen? focused on the discovery of the bodies of the brothers of Gravina.

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