Listen to Sanremo 2020, a record finale: this is how much it has totaled

Listen to Sanremo 2020, the Festival closes with the victory of Diodato (click here), recording a new record: the listening average of the entire final, won by the singer-songwriter of Taranto with the song Make noise, was 11,476,000 spectators with 60.6% share. To find a higher percentage you have to go back to the 2002 festival final, conducted by Goofy Baudo with Manuela Arcuri and Vittoria Belvedere.

Listen to Sanremo 2020: what the final totaled

The two previous festivals, conducted by Claudio Baglioni they got a higher average audience but they closed first. The first part of yesterday evening (from 21.32 to 23.52) was followed by 13.638.000 spectators with 56.8% share, the second part (from 23.57 to 1.59) by 8.969.000 spectators with 68.8 % share.

Last year the average audience of the final was higher for listenings and lower for share: the Baglioni bis obtained an average audience (from 21.20 to 1.26, therefore lasted over half an hour less) of 12.125.000 spectators with 58.3 %. Even the first Baglioni achieved a higher average of spectators but a lower share, with 12,022,000 spectators and a 58.41% share (from 21.14 to 1.45).

Here are the plays of the last 20 editions

Auditel data from the Sanremo finals

Sanremo 2019: Claudio Baglioni with Virginia Raffaele and Claudio Bisio
Spectators: 10,622,000
Share: 56.50%

Sanremo 2018: Claudio Baglioni with Michelle Hunziker and Pierfrancesco Favino
Spectators: 12.125.000
Share: 58.30%

Sanremo 2017: Carlo Conti with Maria De Filippi
Spectators: 12,022,000
Share: 58.40%

Sanremo 2016: Carlo Conti with Virginia Raffaele, Gabriele Garko and Madalina Ghenea
Spectators: 11,223,000
Share: 52.52%

Sanremo 2015: Carlo Conti with Arisa, Emma and Rocio Munoz Morales
Spectators: 11,843,000
Share: 54.21%

Sanremo 2014: Fabio Fazio with Luciana Littizzetto
Spectators: 9,347,000
Share: 43.51%

Sanremo 2013: Fabio Fazio with Luciana Littizzetto.
Spectators: 12,997,000
Share: 53.80%

Sanremo 2012: Gianni Morandi with Rocco Papaleo and Ivana Mrazova
Spectators: 13,287,000
Share: 57.43%

Sanremo 2011: Gianni Morandi with Belen Rodriguez, Elisabetta Canalis and Luca e Paolo
Spectators: 12.136.000
Share: 52.12%

Sanremo 2010: Antonella Clerici
Spectators: 12,462,000
Share: 53.21%

Sanremo 2009: Paolo Bonolis with Luca Laurenti.
Spectators: 12,309,000
Share: 54.24%

Sanremo 2008: Pippo Baudo with Piero Chiambretti, Bianca Guaccero and Andrea Osvart.
Spectators: 9,600,000
Share: 44.90%

Sanremo 2007: Pippo Baudo with Michelle Hunziker
Spectators: 12,309,000
Share: 54.27%

Sanremo 2006: Giorgio Panariello with Ilary Blasi and Victoria Cabello
Spectators: 9,523,000
Share: 48.23%

Sanremo 2005: Paolo Bonolis with Antonella Clerici and Federica Fellini.
Spectators: 13,606,000
Share: 55.08%

Sanremo 2004: Simona Ventura with Paola Cortellesi, Maurizio Crozza and Gene Gnocchi.
Spectators: 9,527,000
Share: 48.57%

Sanremo 2003: Pippo Baudo with Serena Autieri and Claudia Gerini
Spectators: 9,828,000
Share: 54.12%

Sanremo 2002: Pippo Baudo with Manuela Arcuri and Vittoria Belvedere
Spectators: 13,397,000
Share: 62.66%

Sanremo 2001: Raffaella Carrà with Megan Gale, Massimo Ceccherini and Enrico Papi
Spectators: 12,998,000
Share: 57.25%

Sanremo 2000: Fabio Fazio with Luciano Pavarotti, Teo Teocoli and Ines Sastre
Spectators: 15,223,000
Share: 65.47%