listen to TV of the second evening

The second evening of the Sanremo 2020 festival marks an important figure in terms of audience: here are the data of yesterday evening and the audience from 2014 to 2020 of the Sanremo Festival

Elisa Isoardi amadeus

The Sanremo 2020 festival weblog Amadeus, continues to see at the center of the stage not only the artists and the conductor, but also the duo Tiziano Ferro and Fiorello, true strength of this new 2020 edition.

Sanremo 2020: listen to the second evening and share

Junior CallyE Amadeus

Amadeus, who does not have the strength to hold the stage on his own, has decided to involve these two great artists to help him not only to give depth to the event, but above all to bring home worthy of a festival… and so it was.
There early evening He obtained over 10 million viewers, with a share around 52%, while the second evening went on stage yesterday even exceeded expectations arriving 53.3%

To understand the importance of the data, here it is listening historian of recent years in the past Sanremo Festivals: data are provided by Davide Maggio’s official website

Listen to Sanremo from 2014 to 2020

To understand the data of this latest festival Sanremo, here is a brief history of the last editions of the singing competition starting from 2014 to 2020, all with share is conductors edition.

Listen to Sanremo 2019

Claudio Baglioni leads with Virginia Raffaele and Claudio Bisio
Spectators: 9.144.000
Share: 47.30%

Listen to Sanremo 2018

Claudio Baglioni leads with Michelle Hunziker and Pierfrancesco Favino
Spectators: 9,687,000
Share: 47.70%

Listen to Sanremo 2017

Carlo Conti leads with Maria De Filippi
Spectators: 10,367,000
Share: 46.60%

Listen to Sanremo 2016

Carlo Conti leads with Virginia Raffaele, Gabriele Garko and Madalina Ghenea
Spectators: 10,748,000
Share: 49.91%

Listen to Sanremo 2015

He leads Carlo Conti with Arisa, Emma and Rocio Munoz Morales
Spectators: 10,091,000
Share: 41.67%

Listen to Sanremo 2014

Fabio Fazio leads with Luciana Littizzetto
Spectators: 7,711,000
Share: 33.95%