Love horoscope 2020. The man in this sign is the perfect lover

The stars again bring important predictions for the 12 signs of the horoscope. Which man is suitable for the title of lover for a particular sign? It is written for them to step crookedly together.

Love horoscope 2020. Who is the perfect lover according to the zodiac sign?

One of the most passionate signs is by far Scorpio. The man born under this sign is considered the right partner with whom you can have an unforgettable relationship. This is an individual who feels special emotions and has a personality which you can hardly forget. Although he is said to love women more than anything and loves to experiment all types left on earth, when he stops at the one who stole his heart is loyal and a man you can count on when needed.

Also, once he finds peace, he is warm and open, but also very energetic, remaining as passionate as ever. He has an analytical thinking and is very, very curious, that’s why he can often boast of extremely good decisions both personally and professionally. If he lowers his guard and starts revealing even the smallest thing to you, being just reserved and secretive by nature, be sure that he is in love with you.

Scorpio, the perfect lover
Scorpio, the perfect lover

About the sign

Preferred verb: I wish
Element: What
Quality: Fix
Energy: Yin
Governor: Mars and Pluto
Astrological house: House to VIII-a
Color: Red, black
Gem: Topaz
Anatomy: Genitals, reproductive system, urinary tract
Day: Marti

  • Meaning: The place occupied by Scorpio in a natal theme shows the field of life in which the individual will be subjected to the deepest transformations and in which he will have to take it several times from the beginning to learn to give up attachments and to evolve spiritually.
  • Scorpions celebrated: Leonardo di Caprio (11.11.1974), Nadia Comaneci (12.11.1961), Ethan Hawke (6.11.1970), Julia Roberts (28.10.1967), Sorin Oprescu (7.11.1951), Demi Moore (11.11.1962), Ion Cristoiu (16.11.1948), Bill Gates (28.10.1955), Jodie Foster (19.11.1962), Traian Basescu (4.11.1951) (Source: