Ludovic Orban, OUT ?!  They announced exactly on what day they want to fire him from the Government –

The Orban government sent the Alert Law directly to the Official Gazette, without being debated by the PSD-controlled Parliament, claiming that the Legislature has no say in prolonging the alert measure.

The first to react was former Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who demanded the immediate submission of a motion of censure to remove Ludovic Orban.

“Lucovid Orban PNL government cuts and slashes”

“So as not to confuse the Romanians or the Parliament – the Lucovid Orban PNL Government cuts and said without asking for any more votes and directly violating the law!

ProRomania Solution – CENSORSHIP MOTION – NOW!

We sign and vote! Does anyone else support us? ”Ponta wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

And Ponta was not the only one. It was Ciolacu’s turn to enter the scene. PSD MPs are starting to work on the motion of censure that they will submit the day after the end of the state of alert, announced the interim leader of the party, Marcel Ciolacu.

“I announce to you publicly that, starting today, the PSD parliamentarians start working on the text of the censorship motion and on collecting signatures to support the censorship motion that we will submit the day after the alert state ends. This is the decision of the party following this abuse made by Ludovic Orban towards the Romanian Parliament “, said Ciolacu, at the Parliament.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcel Ciolacu, and the interim President of the Senate, Robert Cazanciuc, sent a letter to Prime Minister Ludovic Orban on Wednesday, asking him to send to Parliament the request to approve the measure to extend the alert, based on the analysis of risk factors.

PNL Senator Alina Gorghiu explained the Government’s position: “PSD amended the law and introduced a text, from my unconstitutional point of view, namely that the Parliament approves the state of alert, but on the extension of the state of alert there is no express provision provided by law .

PSD asks for clarifications

As such, he correctly made the address, namely he informed us about the Government’s decision regarding the extension of the alert status, which was also published in the Official Gazette. The PNL’s position is that no action by the Parliament is necessary to extend the state of alert “.

Gorghiu specified that, at the meeting of the Permanent Bureaus of the Parliament, PSD decided, through the two presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, to send a letter to the prime minister, “to make an interinstitutional correspondence”, requesting clarifications on this situation in which the GD may or may not be approved by the plenary.

“So far, from our point of view, we have a very clear situation – a state of prolonged alert through the GD, published in the Official Gazette. There are no restrictions on rights and freedoms compared to the previous situation, so the Parliament has no reason to intervene at this moment “, added Gorghiu.

Sursa Photo: SAY / octave Ganea