Madalina Diana Ghenea: "I suffered from depression. Volunteering in Haiti helped me a lot ”

It is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world for years and is one of the most successful models in the entire international scene, but Madalina Diana Ghenea he has also gone through difficult moments in his life. Starting from childhood, lived in Romania shortly before the 1989 revolution.# CR4 – The Republic of women"He recalls those moments:" I was born two years before the revolution, but I have well impressed the moments when my brother recited me the poems dedicated to Ceausescu that they had made him learn in school ".

Then at 14 the model enters the fashion world and changes everything: "I had accompanied my brother to a casting in Bucharest, where he wanted to meet some beautiful girls and in the end instead they took me". From there onwards his career took off, but he did not forget some difficult moments: "Even as a teenager I had complexes because I was too tall and the other kids made fun of me by naming me nicknames like a giraffe". The most difficult challenge, however, was to overcome the depression: “I took care of volunteering in Haiti, I wanted to give more of what I was receiving. It helped me a lot ”. The model also confesses that she tried to adopt a local girl but the practice was not successful: a few years later, however, she would have become pregnant with her daughter.