Mădălina Doroftei, a wave of emotions at the Venice Film Festival

Bright and colorful Venice Film Festival attracts all eyes these days. In impeccable outfits, made to attract attention, hundreds of celebrities paraded on the red carpet under the flashes of journalists. Among those who stood only a few meters from the biggest names in the world cinema was a former candidate for Miss Universe Romania.

In a pink tulle dress, Mădălina Doroftei stared at the red carpet stretched at the projection of the Ad Astra space odyssey. Behind the confident attitude she displayed it in front of the photographers, the Romanian acknowledges that she was hiding emotions like she had never experienced before.

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Far from the spotlight, celebrities go to private parties and have fun until dawn at parties that take place after movie screenings. There, Mădălina Doroftei met Monica Belucci, spoke with Mădălina Ghenea and is about to meet her idol.

Mădălina Doroftei: I like Johnny Depp the most. I can't wait to see him because I was lucky enough to be invited to a dinner party where he will be. He is my idol!

Mădălina Doroftei is originally from Iasi and left the country 10 years ago to pursue a modeling career.

So far, the model has collaborated with major fashion houses such as Versace, Roberto Cavalli and even Chanel. This was the chance to meet the late designer Karl Lagerfeld.