Madalina Ghenea, a diva in Damiani

In 2016 Madalina Ghenea has entered the hearts and homes of Italians thanks to its participation as a valetta at the Sanremo Festival. Since then the Romanian model has always worked very well in our country, thanks to its irrepressible beauty and the diva appeal of the past.

A few days ago Madalina Ghenea he stopped traffic and onlookers in the streets of the Milan fashion district, busy shooting a commercial for Damiani. Under the watchful eye of Silvia Damiani, vice-president of the historic jewelery maison, Madalina lent herself to favor the room in what appears to be the reconstruction of a Hollywood movie scene where a beautiful actress is intent on escaping from paparazzi flashes.

From the narrow bodice of the long dress with wide skirt of Zac Posen by a hair, don't run out of a breast. Madalina Ghenea she gives herself a little treat and starts shooting again, more beautiful than ever with her precious jewels Damiani on.

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