Madalina Ghenea, abandoned for a woman with two children

Madalina Ghenea (27 years old) failed to keep Philipp Plein by her side for more than 38 days. The two seemed to fall madly in love, and even made long-term plans and tattooed each other’s names. Unfortunately for the actress, the designer missed his ex-girlfriend with whom he broke up in February of this year and after contacting her, the troubles in the relationship with Madalina started.

Shortly after the incident, the two broke up. Philipp Plein (38 years old) stayed in New York, and Madalina came to Romania for two days. The designer hinted that there was no chance of reconciliation.

He published pictures with Oksana Zagumennova, whom he invited to his residence in Cannes, where he spent Easter with Madalina.

Who is Philipp Plein’s girlfriend

Oksana Zagumennova is a hot-tempered brunette living in Moscow. Philipp Plein started a relationship with her almost three years ago. The Russian woman seems to have convinced him not only with her appetizing shapes, but also proved to her that she is a good mother.

She has two children, a girl and a boy, whom she loves immensely. This seems to have weighed heavily in the eyes of Philipp Plein, who is also the father of a little boy, Romeo Prince. The child is the fruit of the love between the designer and the Brazilian model Fernanda Rigon.