Mădălina Ghenea again quarreled with Matei Stratan! The alarming message he later erased: "When your child's father …"

There are again problems in the paradise Madalina Ghenea and Matei Stratan. The two had a reason for serious and angry reason over the limit, the actress quickly wrote an alarming message on a social network. Realizing that the confession would not do well, the star immediately deleted the post. Yet, CANCAN.ro, site nr. 1 from Romania, saved the message he made public.

In this dimension, Mădălina Ghenea shared with her virtual friends that she is extremely upset and disappointed because of her daughter's father. Moreover, the beautiful actress revealed in the written lines that the reason for the upset. Shortly after she did everything public, she deleted the message.

"When your child's father appreciates all the images of another woman", wrote Mădălina next to the image of the young woman's account.

The fans were celebrating the victory over their arch rivals. The stadium kept on shouting the name of Matei Stratan until the late hours of the night. "I'm sorry, I know what it means", "Maybe she just appreciates classical music?", "She likes the piano, do not mind".

A few months ago, it was rumored that Mădălina Ghenea and Matthew Stratan broke up, but later she realized that the man to whom she gave her a little girl is close to her. Little Charlotte was born almost a year ago.