Madalina Ghenea and boyfriend Matei Stratan broke up

MILAN – Madalina Ghenea single: ended with Matei Stratan. As reported by Spy magazine, the relationship between the model and her partner would come to an end. Together they had a daughter, born April 4, 2017 in Bucharest, Romania. The two have long been linked, after the farewell of the beautiful actress to the designer Philipp Plein.

Compared to her childhood, in a past interview with Io Donna Madalina Ghenea said:

I was born in 1988, just before the regime collapsed: my parents earned (in two) the equivalent of 200 euros a month, so much so that Dad went to work in Israel for nine years. Mom, veterinary, there was never: my brother made me a father and a mother. I remember that, as a lullaby, he recited the poems in honor of Ceausescu ".

Despite being beautiful, she also has her "paranoia", as she explained to the magazine Oggi: "Sometimes I don't like my legs, my belly. Or the skin, I suffer from allergies and I fill myself with bubbles. Once I was very thin and, considering that I am only 1 meter and 80 high … Here, I don't like my height ”.

Compared to his ideal man:

"I am that kind of woman who is completely dedicated to a man, perhaps because of the education I received. The person I love, for me it comes first. For love, for a while I put my career and my family in second place. Better to be alone for now ”. Speaking of family, he says: "My mother Costanza has always supported my career. It encourages me, gets excited about success … I always sent money home. Always. Helping my parents is the most important thing, even today. They are proud of me ”.