Mădălina Ghenea and her boyfriend want to offer her a good future for their little girl

Since he met Matei Stratan, the life of Maddalena Ghenea has changed radically! The brunette got pregnant after just a month of relationship.

And now she's holding a lovely little girl in her arms. She loves, she's a mother, and she does not care tomorrow. And his partner has a considerable fortune. The artist did not give up his career, and returned to work just a few weeks after he was born. But the priority for her and her young boyfriend is her little girl.

Mădălina Ghenea and her boyfriend they want to give it all the best. Little boy has already gone abroad, on a holiday spent mostly on his father's family yacht. In addition, Madalina, as she announced, takes the little girl, as far as possible, in outings, to the jobs she needs to be present.

For the sake of their baby, Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan even consider moving abroad when the little girl grows up and there will be no need for grandparents to take care of her if need be. As Brunette partner owns properties in England and Tuscany, they are thinking of setting up their home in London's home. The little girl would go to kindergarten there. And then to get into UK education, obviously, when she's going to get old school.

I live longer in Romania

Nowadays, since Madeleine Stratan has lived in love, Madalina spent most of her time in Romania. She moved to her lover's home in the capital. And he left the country just accompanied by him, on holiday or on various jobs. Both the actress and her partner get involved in raising their little ones, even if they have the help of their relatives.

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