Madalina Ghenea and Leonardo Del Vecchio junior boyfriends? / Sighting in Milan and …

Madalina Ghenea bride of the historic boyfriend Matei Stratan? Maybe not, at least according to the gossip launched in these hours by the weekly Oggi and by Dandolo who seems convinced that between the beautiful showgirl and another man there is a tender, who is the mysterious knight who would have diverted her from his desire to marry? It seems to be the businessman Leonardo Del Vecchio Junior, son of the patron of Luxottica. Until a few weeks ago everyone was for sure the marriage between her and Stratan but so it could not be seen that the entrepreneur could have entered his life like a bolt of lightning to allow himself to be spotted with him in that of Milan. As if that were not enough, it seems that the well-informed are ready to swear that the two were not simply having dinner in a Milanese restaurant but that there were also outpourings between loco.


According to the weekly Oggi, flirtation Madalina Ghenea and Leonardo Del Vecchio Junior they let themselves go to the irrepressible passion inside the Milanese restaurant and on the pages of the weekly we read: "In Milan we don't talk about anything else! The good lounges of the city are in fact concentrated in these hours on one piece of news: the new love story between Madalina Ghenea and the son of the entrepreneur Leonardo Del Vecchio. The model and the son of the founder of Luxottica came out into the open a few nights ago in the private room of the Armani Privè, an exclusive Milanese restaurant, where they were unable to contain their passion". It is also true that the model's latest statements about her boyfriend Stratan date back to a few months ago and that, therefore, the two may have split up but for all this we have to wait for the official version or, if you want, Madalina's denial.