Madalina Ghenea and Leonardo Del Vecchio paparazzi in St. Moritz. The two are engaged?

Another scoop scored by the renowned gossip magazine Who driven by Alfonso Signorini. And what a great scoop. In the Alpine resort of St. Moritz, destination of the international jet set, they have been paparazzi the beautiful Romanian actress Madalina Ghenea in the company of a pleasant boy. Who is the honored man to stand next to a beautiful woman like Ghenea? He is nothing little less than that Leonardo Del Vecchio, a young son of the richest man in Italy. In fact, his father is the founder of the prestigious company Luxottica, the pride of the made in Italy. Del Vecchio is highly sought after in the world of Milanese high society, as well as the 31-year-old Romanian showigirl, is very much desired. The objectives of Who they have "pinched" the couple strolling through the streets of the Swiss town, have fun while they are dedicated to doing a crazy shopping in one of the most luxurious boutiques of a well-known Italian fashion brand. After weeks of secret dating, hidden from outside prying eyes, the couple decided to appear together without inhibitions so that their love story.

Madalina Ghenea and Leonardo Del Vecchio grant themselves a weekend on the snow in St. Moritz

Madalina Ghenea and Leonardo Del Vecchio are boyfriends? According to the rose-colored version of the magazine Who the two beautiful and most admired characters would represent an "in love" couple. At the moment both, despite the appearance in public, have not formalized their romantic relationship or posted couple shoots on their social profiles. The gossip broke out after the couple's sighting in the magnificent Swiss city of St. Moritz. Ghenea and Del Vecchio have decided to give themselves a weekend romantic in the snow and it seems that on the evening of last Friday they would have landed on the ground of the VIP destination on board a private helicopter. As soon as they arrived in the famous ski resort, the couple wasted no time. Immediately an invitation to a friend's house for an intimate dinner and the following day a romantic tete à tete for lunch at a chic club, the Salastrains. Following unbridled shopping in the most fashionable shops, squandering crazy figures. Days of fun and hilarity for the beautiful Eastern produttrce and the entrepreneur, appointed in 2019 as one of the richest men in the world according to the accredited magazine Forbes. The family business ExilorLuxottica is one of the most quoted on the stock exchange, the largest hoding manufacturer of glasses and lenses at a world-wide level, with assets of over 20 million dollars. His father, Del Vecchio senior, is the king of glasses and patron of the well-known Italian brand Luxottica.

Madalina Ghenea has found the classic "good party". But being considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the world has already had relationships with important men in the past. Before attending Leonardo Del Vecchio he was in the Hollywood environment, and here he was able to make highly placed acquaintances. In contact with the American elite and with this glittering context he was able to meet the famous actor Gerard Butler, with which he weaved one report sentimental serious, enduring for a long time. Flirt with was born in the same environment as the Hollywood film world Micheal Fassbender and then the story with another Leonardo, the actor Di Caprio, but she denied it. In recent times Madalina Ghenea has returned from the end of the bond with Vito Schnabel. The Romanian showigirl has fathered a daughter, Charlotte, which today is two years old.

Before Ghenea, Leonardo Del Vecchio had a liaison with another beautiful model, Alessia Tedeschi, of Umbrian origin. But history is now over. The Milanese entrepreneur right now is completely enraptured by the beauty and charm of Madalina Ghenea. Del Vecchio jr. he graduated in record time in Business Economics and Management at Bocconi University. In 2017 he deservedly entered the family business, climbing the top management in short, acquiring important top positions. In 2019 he was appointed to the Board of Directors of Luxottica Group SpA. He currently holds the position of Head of Retail Italy of Luxottica Group and directs the sectors of Salmoiraghi & Viganò and of Sunglass Hut in Italy. The Romanian actress and the young heiress have been romantically linked for some months now, and according to the words of the people closest to them, their story oflove it is based on a real feeling and serious intentions. Madalina Ghenea has conquered the heart of the man most coveted by the young girls of the Italian jet set and beyond. It seems that the couple is ready to take the important step of the domestic partnership. I wonder if the glossy relationship of love, dreamed of by many Ghenea peers, will be crowned by a fairytale wedding that matches the tenor of the Del Vecchio family.