Madalina Ghenea and love: "I fall in love with strength" "/ On Cristiano Ronaldo:" a true gentleman "

Madalina Ghenea, love and the new film. The Romanian model and actress recounted the loves of her life in an interview with the weekly Vanity Fair. Starting with the small Charlotte born of love with the entrepreneur Matei Stratan. An important love that the model is experiencing with Matei who considers it the most important love of her life. The actress after the great success of "Youth – La giovinezza" by Paolo Sorrentino is ready to return to the cinemas with the story "All You ever Wished for”Which will be presented at the Rome Film Festival. In the film, directed by Man Barry Morrow, Madalina plays Rosalia, a peasant woman who decides to put aside all her dreams and aspirations to be with her grandmother. In the film, however, the woman meets love: it is Tyler who has the face of the actor Darren Criss, the actor of Glee and “American Crime Story – The Assasination of Gianni Versace". Between the two the love is triggered although the two come from two completely different realities: she is a woman from Trentino and he is the son of an important American family. Love, however, remains the most important thing for the beautiful Madalina Ghenea who also spoke about her former loves during the interview.


Starting with Gerard Butler is Michael Fassbender, two stories that ended badly but the model remembers: "I don't think they were wrong stories, indeed". Words of esteem and affection for the two actors that Ghenea considers two wonderful artists emphasizing that they have always been attracted to artists. On them the Ghenea says: "They are profound people from whom one can only learn, certainly not easy, because they are constantly exposed to the media". Two important stories that have allowed the Romanian actress to grow and understand what she really needs. Today his only certainty is Matei Stratan “the synthesis of everything", The most important man in his life for which he lost his head. Di Matei immediately liked her strength, her determination. Important features for the super sexy model who said about men: "I fall mainly in love, of decisions, of the conviction with which a man takes them. I see Matei like that, strong". The topic is also addressed Cristiano Ronaldo who remembers like a true gentleman, but says "there was no feeling". On the recent accusations of harassment launched by Katryn Mayorga against the Juventus footballer, Ghenea has no doubt: "It seems incredible to me. I shot the commercial for a perfume with him and he seemed to me to be a healthy man, dedicated to the family, he even helped me to raise funds for my association. I respect him a lot".