Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan, a scandal in the street. He shaken her, and she ran away. See pictures! | Flash News, News, Celebrities and Events

The relationship between Mădălina Ghenea and Matthew Stratan seems to scoff badly. If in the last month rumors have still appeared about their separation, Mădălina leaves with her little girl in Italy away from him, now things are as clear as possible.

They quarreled, reconciled, quarreled again, she deleted pictures with him, but they reconciled to Italy, where they posted a very hot picture together. But their love is frightening, and the last pictures captured by the paparazzi prove that divorce is imminent.

Tuesday evening, the Wowbiz paparazzi surprised the two in a controversial hypostasis as they quarreled in the street, under the eyes of passers-by.

Initially Madalina and Matthew went out together to dinner. They behaved like a normal couple, although in the pictures one can see the tension between them and a little dispute, but what went beyond any imagination. Around 23:00, the two fiends went home, but the silence lasted only a few minutes. Two streets ahead, Matei suddenly stops the car, and this is where the scandal begins.

In the pictures it can be noticed that Matei does not want Madalina to get out of the car and try to keep her, but the brunette escapes, gets out of the car slamming the door with a lot of hate, and then runs her on the street. Even though Matthew went after her and tried to stop her, she had no chance, so she gave up and returned to her car.

Mădălina finally left with a taxi at home, and after a few dozen minutes, Matthew appeared with several nets in his hand.

See pictures of the paparazzi here!

Photo: Instagram, wowbiz.ro