Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan, compromised for the sake of the girl

Click! He surprised the businessman in front of his villa, with the little girl in his arms.

Property purchased specifically for the child

The pictures were not surprised at the residence in Unirii, where Mădălina Ghenea stands, but in an expensive villa in the Dorobanţi area, which the businessman arranged for her daughter.

According to the quoted source, the two say the property, valued at 2 million euros, was purchased specifically for the girl and the renovation lasted for months and cost a fortune.

Matthew and Maddalena live separately

But Matei and Madalina are no longer together.

Because of the increasingly heated talk of late, Stratan would have decided that for the sake of their child would be wiser to live separately.

So Mădălina is sitting in the apartment in Unirii and he moved to the villa in the center that is close enough to his service and has the opportunity to spend his breaks with his little girl.

Despite their misunderstandings, Madalina and Matthew are exemplary parents, and they manage to share their time so they can both be with the little Charlotte.