Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan.

Mădălina Ghenea would have taken her mother, who helps her with raising her little one, feeding the rumors of a split from Matei Stratan, writes Cancan. That's after, a few days ago, Matei Stratan was filmed at a night meeting, with a friend and three girls!

Moreover, when it came to the father of the little girl, to the question "Are you alone or still married?", The actress left interpretations and only half answered: "I have never been married!".

Madalina Ghenea, INCREDIBLE GESTURES with Matei Stratan. What he did to his boyfriend after a glass of wine PHOTO

It is very likely that Mădălina Ghenea and Matei Stratan will no longer form a couple, considering that lately there have been tensions in their relationship, accompanied by jealousy and disappointment. Moreover, since New Year's Eve, the young businessman has spent time with his family and little Charlotte, and Mădălina Ghenea has been celebrating her years in Italy.

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